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Thanks Captain Obvious: Safety Reminders for Women.

intuition safety tips selfdefense tips Dec 20, 2022

There is a ton of material out there providing tips to keep yourself safe when you are out and about alone.  That said, it's a lot easier to make suggestions from the peanut gallery or put out some "captain obvious" tips than it is to put those tips to good use.  Personal safety really demands a mental shift in the way you walk around in the world.  It's a conscious effort to heighten your senses without scaring the crap out of yourself or your kids.

Walk before you run and start simple and with what makes sense in your daily routine!  Don't overthink the obvious and try to not listen to the mansplaining about how you need some kind of weapon.  If you don't know how to use your natural awareness skills or trust your intuition, you certainly don't need to worry about using the birdie or some pepper spray.  As with any tool, it also takes practice to learn how to trust your gut and steer clear of danger.

Here are some basic safety reminders that you probably already know!

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