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Join Emily and Rachel as they chat about personal safety tips for adventuring out with your cat alone.

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Getting Battle Ready with Rachel Mahloch

How to stay safe while running Podcast! In this episode, Carrie and Amy talk with self defense expert Rachel Mahloch on how to stay safe while running. Rachel offers a number of tips on ways you can protect yourself. Self Defense Resources for Runners


Interview with VoyageDenver


Rachel Mahloch, Personal Safety Coach

My mother tells a story about eating lunch in a local restaurant with three-year-old me when an acquaintance came over to say hello. She showered me with unwanted attention – buying me a candy bar and hugging and pinching me. When she turned to leave, I sat up in my chair and very clearly said, “And don’t you ever touch me again!”, as if I had been having a conversation in my head the whole time. Even at three, I already had an awareness of my personal boundaries and no fear of expressing them.  Although the advice I would give to 3-year-old me would be to set that boundary earlier.   Anyone who knows me well knows that this is solidly a part of my personality. Read Full Article

Interview with HerCampus


Recently, I had a chance to sit down with Rachel Mahloch: a mom, a women’s advocate, a self-defense specialist, and a badass. In just under an hour, I gained insight into Rachel’s journey, her love for self-defense, and the advice she has for college-aged women. 

Though Rachel is now a specialist in self-defense, the road to get there was anything but straightforward. As you will see, through all of her endeavors, Rachel gained transferable skills that she uses in her career today.  Read More.


Interview with Shout Out Colorado

We had the good fortune of connecting with Rachel Mahloch and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Rachel, how does your business help the community?
My goal is to empower women to be able to handle physical threats of harm and give women a skill set to respond in a variety of real-life situations. When 1 in 3 women are likely to become the victim of gender-based violence, aggression towards women has become pervasive and normalized.   I want to have a positive impact on the safety of women and girls by ensuring that my self-defense method is accessible to as many people as more.



Sessions With Sarah

On Sessions with Sarah this week, Battle Mom’s® Rachel Mahloch joins Sarah to discuss a very important topic, woman and self-defense.  After almost falling victim to herself on a train, Rachel decided to learn how to protect herself.  She went on to get her black belts in many different practices and has grown into a self-defense expert.

She teaches many courses in person and online, and she talks about what is unique to her program.  She helps women women understand that its not only the external skills you need if you are attacked,  but the internal ones.  With women being attacked so often this is such an important conversation and everyone should listen in and join her classes…listen now