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Rachel Mahloch:

Meet the Face of the Battle Brand

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Meet the Face of the Battle Brand: Rachel Mahloch

Personal safety expert, Rachel Mahloch aka Battle Mom® is on a mission to combat violence by prioritizing women and leveraging state-of-the-art technology.  

World Health Organization statistics reveal a grim reality: one in three women worldwide will, at some point in their lives, endure gender-based violence and aggression. The widespread prevalence of violence against women remains deeply entrenched and often accepted as a cultural norm. Rachel is dedicated to the crucial mission of challenging and ultimately changing this status quo, drawing from her own personal survival story of assault as an inspiring testament to her commitment.

She created an all-encompassing empowerment brand designed exclusively for women, emphasizing her unique philosophy. This method takes a holistic approach, integrating physical, mental, and verbal skills that can be harnessed effectively across diverse situations.

Rachel is an accomplished martial artist with a third-degree black belt in Kempo and a second-degree black belt in a hybrid Japanese jujitsu-based style. In addition to her impressive rank in these disciplines, she dedicates herself to training in Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing, Kali, and Jeet Kune Do. Her passion for martial arts extends beyond her training, as she is currently an apprentice in the Rogue JKD instructorship program. This program not only hones her skills in unarmed and weapons combat but also provides valuable instruction in anger management, crisis communication, and situational awareness.

The Battle Woman® program is a scenario-based preventative self-protection method that combines breathing and visualization with targeted technical training to build confidence, and mental and physical strength.  Preventative practice is empowering and nurtures healing as women learn realistic defense skills and strategies to remain calm and controlled in-the-face of physical and mental harm. Her classes provide a safe arena for women to learn how to use their voice and set emotional and physical boundaries through role-playing of unpredictable scenarios and flow drills.

In a society that tends to be reactive, Battle Woman® is driven to positively impact women's health by proactively helping women build confidence and resilience through personal safety training.

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My Philosophy


A unique approach created specifically for women and girls that anyone can master.


A powerful preventive and healing practice that compliments other self-care routines.


A comprehensive method that incorporates breathing and visualization,  along with targeted technical training.


A growing network of women who are transforming their lives through self-defense training.

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