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Founder & CEO

Rachel Mahloch


Self-Defense and personal safety expert, Rachel Mahloch had a vision -   to create a holistic and unique empowerment brand exclusively for women that focuses on teaching her specialized self-defense training style in real-life settings that threaten personal safety.

Rachel has a deeply rich and diverse background - spanning almost 30 years - in corporate business, operatic vocal performance, and extensive martial arts training. She holds two, second degree black belts in both Kempo and a hybrid Japanese jujitsu-based self-defense (incorporating Muay Thai, Tae Kwando, Aikido, and Brazilian jujitsu)

Balancing her dynamic finance career in New York with raising her three children, Rachel became deeply aware and attuned to the importance of consistent self-care and wellness. It was this epiphany that created the building blocks of her nationally recognized program, Battle Woman®.

The Battle Woman® program is a comprehensive and integrated self-defense training method that combines breathing and visualization with targeted technical training to build confidence, and mental and physical strength.  Preventative practice is empowering and nurtures healing as women learn real-time defense skills and strategies to remain calm and controlled in-the-face of physical and mental harm. Her classes provide a safe arena for women to learn how to use their voice and set boundaries through role-playing self-defense techniques and scenarios.

World Health Organization statistics show one in three women globally will experience gender-based violence and aggression in their lifetime. Violence towards women remains pervasive and normalized and Rachel’s work centers around shifting and reversing this cultural norm as does her own survival story of assault. Her ethos is to teach as many women as possible the keys to assault prevention: preparation, planning and practice.

Rachel is driven to positively impact safety for all women, girls and those who identify as women through ongoing study. She’s currently an apprentice in the Rogue JKD instructorship program - which teaches skills in unarmed and weapon combat, anger management, crisis communication and situational awareness.

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My Philosophy


A unique approach created specifically for women and girls that anyone can master.


A powerful preventive and healing practice that compliments other self-care routines.


A comprehensive method that incorporates breathing and visualization,  along with targeted technical training.


A growing network of women who are transforming their lives through self-defense training.

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