Instructor Training Program

The instructor training program focuses on prevention and teaches you the ABC and D’s of personal safety: awareness, breathing, communication and defense skills.

The course equips emerging instructors with Level 1 tools to teach their students to identify and manage potential risks as well as providing defensive solutions to escape danger.

What you'll get:

  • 14 weeks of online instruction!
  • Physical skill training
  • Emotional Content Training
  • Business Training
  • Instructor training
  • Official Certification to teach Level 1 content.
  • 6 months post-certification support
  • and so much more!

All sales final.  No refunds.


What People Are Saying:

I had the most incredible experience at Battle Woman! Rachel is a phenomenal woman/coach/leader/mentor with so much experience and she wants to teach and empower the people in her classes. It taught me how to be strong, confident, communicate my needs, and to protect myself! This is an empowering and inspiring environment. Thank You Battle Woman!!!

Mia LaFayette

Rachel was our special guest at one of our FIMC corporate events last winter and was nothing short of amazing. Rachel puts her heart and soul into everything she does and makes sure she has a lasting impact on those that she crosses paths with. Rachel came prepared and showed up early, stayed late, to make sure that she was able to talk to individual teammates, answer their questions and most importantly be there to support. In our session, Rachel highlighted the importance of awareness and how we can take a proactive approach to women's safety, which is unlike any other self-defense training I have ever seen. And if you don't know about BOB, just you wait :).

Carissa Reedy

Rachel is an excellent teacher of self protection. Her first lesson is in awareness. She gives four basic techniques that can be used in a large variety of situations and then has you practice the techniques in class. By the end of the class, you will be tired from the effort. You will have a tools you can use in the event of an attack. You will have practiced applying the tools in a variety of situations. And, you will have a resource in Rachel, she is generous with her knowledge and expertise and wants to share. I highly recommend.

Carla Lane

Rachel is awesome! She is super great to work with and will show you such good techniques for feeling empowered and helping yourself in any situation. Took 5 college girls to one of her private classes and had a great time while learning some important tools to use to protect themselves. Highly recommend taking a class from her if you can!

Carlie Leach

Rachel Mahloch is one of a kind! I love her approach to situational awareness, mindfulness, and women's self defense. It feels so empowering to take a class from someone who looks like me (petite female) and has been put in similar uncomfortable situations as a woman. I came out of class feeling incredibly empowered. To see the strength and power Rachel has is inspiring. I absolutely cannot wait to take more classes with Rachel. Also, the work she does in the community is so commendable.

Molly Fox

I’ve been going to this self-defense class every week for a few months now, it’s amazing every time which is why I keep going! I didn’t want to take just any martial arts because I’ve done it before and I never felt like it prepared me for real life scenarios. But Rachel’s class is exactly what I was looking for in self-defense, she teaches real life scenarios, what could happen, and what you should do. Rachel also teaches you how to find your voice to speak up in those scary situations and build confidence in yourself. Not to mention it’s an amazing work out each time, so you’re getting fit at the same time! 1

Paola Barajas

Rachel makes self-defense accessible and fun! We did 3 months of classes and it was such an empowering experience. Rachel did an amazing job teaching the building blocks then having us apply them in practical scenarios. The classes are also a great workout. I recommend her classes to any and all women!

Kelly Donovan

Rachel does an amazing job teaching women simple and effective techniques to defend themselves. It was so enlightening to be made aware of different situations you would typically never consider yourself being in, and how to protect yourself or your children. Truly an empowering experience. Her passion to teach others self defense is crystal clear - which made me feel very comfortable to learn these skills. Thanks Rachel!

Marissa Larson

Rachel is an amazing instructor and makes her classes fun, a great workout but also very practical. My daughter and I took her class before my daughter left for college, and it gave us both some great basic skills to defend ourselves. I highly recommend Rachel!!

Susie Germany

Rachel is awesome. She worked with my daughter (12) and showed her the basics of self defense but also really motivated her to improve her health and fitness and - most importantly - her self confidence. Really awesome sauce.

Mike Dano

Rachel was absolutely fantastic, and gave a 2-hour outdoor self-defense seminar to my kids and their friends before they went to college. I am so grateful for all of these skills and practical advice she gave! Worth every penny!!!

Heather Pujet

My daughter and I took Rachel’s intro class with some friends and it was a great experience. Rachel is kind, open and an excellent teacher. We learned the importance of staying aware, using your voice as well as some different moves that provide powerful blows and different scenarios to use them. We all walked away feeling more confident that we have the means to protect ourselves.

Allison Berger

My daughter took classes with Rachel and she was awesome. I’m going to sign up my other daughter as well and get all of her friends to take a class! She’s amazing. She is so good at what she does and her methods and style are spot on to teach women what they need to know.

Jennifer Rhodes

$5,000.00 USD