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Receiving individualized attention is a great opportunity to focus on specific areas of concern outside of the regular group class setting.

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The Huntress Group Class

Classes meet three times each week in Boulder.

Explore a variety of practical self-defense techniques that prepare you for real life scenarios, while also learning how to avoid potentially dangerous situations before they escalate.

Develop your mental and physical strength through breathing and visualization along with technical training. Through regular training, these classes are designed to expand your sense of self awareness, confidence and overall fitness levels.

What you'll get:

  • Access group classes
  • Training Library 

 What You'll Learn:

👀 Awareness: Sharpen your senses and learn to recognize potential threats before they arise.

🌬️ Breathing: Harness the power of breath control to remain calm and composed in any situation

🗣️ Communication: Develop assertive communication skills to set boundaries and assert your rights confidently.

🛡️ Defense Skills: Acquire practical techniques to defend yourself effectively against various attacks.

🧠 Emotional Content: Explore the emotional aspect of self-defense, understanding how to manage fear, anxiety, anger and stress for optimal performance.

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What People Are Saying:

I’ve been going to this self-defense class every week for a few months now, it’s amazing every time which is why I keep going! I didn’t want to take just any martial arts because I’ve done it before and I never felt like it prepared me for real life scenarios. But Rachel’s class is exactly what I was looking for in self-defense, she teaches real life scenarios, what could happen, and what you should do. Rachel also teaches you how to find your voice to speak up in those scary situations and build confidence in yourself. Not to mention it’s an amazing work out each time, so you’re getting fit at the same time!